Royalty Free Sounds Agreement

License Agreement

By accessing and obtaining any Samplified product or demonstration from this website (or any product from affiliated or partner websites), you consent to be legally bound by the comprehensive terms and conditions stipulated in this licensing agreement.

The licensing agreement is a legal contract that establishes the rights and obligations between you (referred to as 'the Licensee') and us (referred to as 'the Licensor': Samplified). This agreement governs the authorized usage of any product or demonstration audio (referred to as 'the Sounds') that you acquire, download, install, or utilize from Samplified. The terms outlined herein define the parameters of said license agreement.

1. Copyright

The Sounds, which include audio, FX, instrument libraries, samples, loops, voices, patches, packs, and more in the form of products and demonstration audio, are subject to copyright protection and are not sold or given to you, but rather licensed to you. The Licensor is the rightful owner of the copyright for the Sounds, and apart from the license rights granted in this agreement, all other rights belong to the Licensor.

2. Grant of License

Upon receiving full payment, Samplified bestows upon the Licensee the privilege to download and harness the purchased Sounds. The granted license is devoid of royalties and is non-exclusive, enduring for the duration of copyright as outlined in this agreement.

3. Rights Granted

The Licensee is given permission in this agreement to:

Employ the Sounds in conjunction with different sounds as a component of a melodic arrangement (counting soundtracks like movies, radio/TV programs or ads, PC games, mixed media introductions, or library music). Use the Sounds in conjunction with different sounds as a component of a melodic arrangement (counting soundtracks like movies, radio/TV programs or ads, PC games, mixed media introductions, or library music).

Revise or alter the Sounds for incorporation into a commercial musical composition. Improve or modify the Sounds for application in a commercial musical composition.
Link the sounds with moving visuals in relation to films, TV shows, web content, or any other media project. Present the sounds in a public performance as a component of any music or media production.

4. Limitations

The sounds cannot be claimed for ownership by the Licensee.

ii. It is strictly prohibited for the Licensee to utilize the Sounds (or any portions thereof) as audio samples, loops, sound effects, instrument patches/voices, or any other audio format, either on its own or in conjunction, or in any specific order of musical events, within any commercial or non-commercial sample, loop, or FX library, or any comparable or competing products that are distributed, sold, or re-licensed to third parties, in either software or hardware form, without the explicit written permission from Samplified. Failure to obtain such consent will result in the Licensee being held accountable for royalty payments associated with the usage of any Sounds.

The Sounds (or parts thereof) cannot be utilized by the Licensee as audio samples, loops, sound effects, instrument patches / voices, or any other audio format, whether independently or combined or in any sequence of musical events, in any commercial or non-commercial Internet, mobile or computer application, or video or computer game, where they are played individually, in combination or sequenced together with other sounds or images by the end user, unless the express written consent of Push Button Global Ltd.

If the Licensee fails to obtain consent, they will be responsible for paying royalties for any Sounds that are used.

iv. The Licensee is exclusively granted the right to use the Sounds, which cannot be transferred. This license explicitly prohibits the resale, relicensing, or any form of distribution of the sounds, in their original or modified form. It is not permitted to sell, loan, rent, lease, assign, upload, share, or distribute the original versions or copies of the Sounds, nor transfer any or all of them to another user.

5. Termination

The agreement allows the Licensee to use the Sounds, but this permission will be revoked if the Licensee violates any of the terms stated in the agreement. In this case, the Licensee must delete all the copies of the Sounds that they have created.

6. Warranty

Samplified unconditionally disclaims all warranties for the Sounds. The Sounds are being sold in their current condition without any expressed or implied warranty of any nature.

7. Indemnity

The Licensor shall be reimbursed by the Licensee for any and all claims, requests, legal actions, damages, responsibilities, and all reasonable costs, including attorney fees incurred by the Licensor, concerning any issue that emerges due to the Licensee's violation of this agreement.

8. Jurisdiction

The laws of the United States shall govern and interpret this License, and the mentioned courts shall possess exclusive jurisdiction.